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It was in 1990 that the author began researching the Diedrich Family, compiling archival information and putting together the Family Tree.  Who can say for sure why it has taken her so long to write this book?  Alas, how many major and minor historical works may have been lost to us, because their compilers never committed themselves to paper.

This study consists of the German roots and a series of branches that subsequently grew in Jamaica.  It takes us back to an old Hanseatic town in Germany - a town that once belonged to the Hansa League of merchants, and that today is a wellknown health resort.  She focuses on a particular branch that was settled there, for about one hundred years, operating a shoemaking business, before setting off to find fame and fortune in the then British Colony: Jamaica.

Also central to the Diedrich story are the family lines into which they married - surnames that include Barber, Christie, DeLisser, Dixon, Grawe, Harris, Ricus, Roach, Schleifer, Simpson, Waechter, Worms and many others.

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