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The Flock Scatters; the Worms family migration is shown chronologically. Earliest known references are given for each location. Most, if not all, individuals bearing the surname 'Worms' or its variants, today in the twenty-first century can likely be linked to one of these major lines of descent.

"Until long after my parents died, I'd given little thought to my family history, or that I would undertake the research. In fact, I had little or no information of the family. Then slowly my thoughts began to arrange themselves in a pattern that would shape my decision. The pattern was based on what I remembered from my childhood: bits of conversations between my parents, also stories told me by my father's sister. Echoes of those conversations and stories drifted back to me; without paying attention to what they were saying, I absorbed as children do; although what they said did not mean much to me then, it registered in my memory. 

 I was driven by an inner necessity: my awareness of family honour and love, admiration and respect for them and the forefathers I never knew. I wanted to find my past. However, while I had some idea of what I wanted to do, I had no coherent plan as to how to go about it. From then on, libraries became a stage for my research. It was a challenging and extremely fascinating undertaking. As I unearthed old family records at the library, an eerie silence crept over me, a lingering sensation that my kindred spirits were hovering around and peering down my shoulder. 

  It is amazing the many hopefuls who, day after day, are trying to assemble their family history. Rightfully, it is a time-consuming process, but one by which knowledge is gained every inch of the way - an added bonus alongside that final triumph: 'Climbing the Family Tree'.


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