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The Worms family history takes us back to medieval years to the first Worms on record making his appearance in the fifteenth century, in the town of Worms on the Rhine; from that town the family surname is believed to have originated.  The author's account of many generations of Worms, consists of more than four-and-a-half centuries, as they scattered throughout Germany and elsewhere.

She focuses on one particular branch which, for over two centuries, was centred in a small village of West Germany, working at different trades, before one of the male descendants with his wife and their young family set out to find fame and fortune in the tropical island: Jamaica. 

Central to the story are the couple's children and grandchildren growing up in the island, and the families into which they married; spouses with surnames that include:  Beaumont, Berrick, Clipnac, Diedrich, Hall, Harris, Heholt, Hohn, Lurch, Muehlenhoff, Rickman, Shelley, Walcott and many others.

The book includes a history of the Worms name for as far back as could be traced. The oldest reference in the book is Jakob Worms born 1488. Church registers only began recording names in the mid 1600's. The author has presented a very complete and detailed history of the Worms in Germany in a story like manner that is a very interesting read. The first 8 of 16 chapters covers the "Common Heritage" of the Worms family. The remaining chapters follow a particular line of descent of the author. The book includes pictures of the various churches where marriages and baptisms took place. These pictures were taken by the author on her journey through Germany to meet her long lost ancestors.


January 15, 2001 (Excerpt)


"All my life I've wanted to know... spent my time in wonder. Then God gave me the gift of meeting my cousin (the author), and a lifetime of wonder was fulfilled. I was then able to share it with my family, and we all seemed to fall into a lifetime of love. A captivating story! A trip through mystery and intrigue, as the Worms family moves from place to place and across the oceans. A journey in which one's inner being seems to come alive as the author is able to get under the skin of our ancestors. One comes to know them, love and respect them. Tenderly they come alive and it's as though they sit and tell their own story. The reader shares their hope, joys, sadness and frustrations, and in the end an inexplicable joy of fulfillment is achieved. 

A masterpiece, filled with indisputable research sources, all documented. Impressive even for the experienced family historian. A book to read again and again." 

Merle McGann Burke (nee Whorms) 

James Worms
December 30, 2000 (Excerpt)

My dearest Adele, 

This has been such a long wait.. Aunt Merle refused to give me your E-mail address before she had completed her book, no matter how much I begged . After she sent the books off to me she told me that your E-mail address would be in your book. Well I have finally received both books but only after Fedex sent them on a journey par to our ancestors' migration. 

I have read both your book and Merle's.. twice over. I almost felt as if I had been swallowed by the pages each moment aside my ancestors... wonderfully and intriguingly written! My German born husband is having a read of them now. 

 I can't express how happy I am nor how much it means to me to have both these books. Now I have absolute  proof of my ancestors' origin.  In so forth, I now know who I am and whence I came! 

Thank you: 

  • For having the guts to ask questions. 
  • The persistence and determination to carry on your research in the face of all obstacles. 
  • The strength and resource to travel further afield.
  • The patience to compile, in such beautiful form, the information you gathered and most of all thank you for sharing the fruits of your love, dedication and labour with  all of  us. This will be a knowledge cherished and shared by all Worms/Whorms for many generations.... and none the less akin to a Worms' Family Bible in days of yore each family wrote their family's birth/death dates  in their family's Bible.  Pity some of us didn't inherit a bible from those good old folks... but fortunately through both you and Merle writtings, the Worms/Whorms surname will have achieved immortality.
 All my love and gratitude, 
Dorothy Whorms-Kleinworth

January 24, 1994 (Excerpt)

"Dear Mrs. Patience: 

When visiting Jamaica I got acquainted with Mrs. Rite Niedenhaupt who showed me your very interesting family-history, going back to your German roots. I am doing research on Seaford, "German Town", and your book was of great help to me. That's why I want to thank you. You did an excellent job! 

Sincerely yours, 
G. M. E.

Castle Corvey

Alva Church
January 17, 2001


It really is outstandingly amazing, how much work you put into the book. Your writing style is easy to follow, as it is lively and fun to read. Not only are you gifted as a researcher but equally gifted as an author. I hope every 'Worms' will be able to enjoy your book.  I feel they will be proud of your work, and the fact that the family has their very own website and documented history. 

Fabian E. Whorms

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