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This book is a counterpart to the main family book, The Worms Family 1488~1958.  It Is written up beginning with the names of the immigrant children that grew up and married in Jamaica, continuing forward in time as a chronological narrative through a number of generations born in the island.  
The study offers much more than the prosaic story of a lowly and obscure island family.  Extensive and painstaking research into parish registers, local and family records has enabled the author to bring to life not only her own ancestors, in astonishing detail, but also the communities in which they lived, as well as the distaff lines into which they married.  
Some of the characters that make up these branches lived out their lives in rural backwaters, while others will have crossed an entire continent.  The variant spelling 'Whorms' even has a habit of popping up unexpectedly in a number of different places outside of Jamaica; it does very much seem  then, that various branches of the family migrated further away from their island home.

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